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Lecture 1.1Explain what a board is and why we have them
30 minutes
Lecture 1.2List the 3 duties, 4 roles and 10 responsibilities of boards
Lecture 1.3Clarify the relationship between the board and the chief executive
2 hours
Lecture 1.4Clarify how to manage the budget effectively throughout the year
5 hours
Lecture 1.5Demonstrate four additional techniques for making reasonable budgeting decisions
9 hours

Start Basic Level

Lecture 2.1Select the most appropriate methods for creating your organization’s budget.
7 hours
Lecture 2.2Describe the board’s role in fund development
8 hours
Lecture 2.3Take the optional final exam at the end of the course
7 hours
Lecture 2.4Distinguish when to create a committee and when to use a task force
8 hours

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Hello! I am Victoria Anderson. I am city skyline and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Canon 5d Mark II back in 2011.

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